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One of the best ways to stay in touch with St Paul’s is through our Facebook page and YouTube channels, where we interact with the community both local and worldwide.


Each week bread from local bakeries is donated to the church, where volunteers create packages to be taken to the Hope Center to be distributed to the hungry.  

The Hope Center food pantry provides groceries for thousands of families and feeds tens of thousands of meals to those in need  the local community.

Many of our families came to the area through serving in the military and have remained at St. Paul's after leaving the service. Some of our best parish leaders in recent years have been current or former military members. So we are very supportive of the military, offering prayers and outreach whenever we can.

Military Families


St. Paul's Church is a diverse family that knows the unconditional love of God, and respects and welcomes all to share the Gospel of Christ.


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